Cleco Pulse Nutrunners

Cleco offers a variety of pulse nutrunners for your applications.

Cleco Pulse Tools Mean Productivity

The Cleco line of pulse tools combines our legendary durability with our customer’s increasing demands for productivity.

Industry first motor design and revolutionary preventative maintenance distance Cleco tools from the competition. Add in outstanding ergonomics and you’ll never want to put these tools down.

Designed to assemble products where quality, high production, and efficiency are paramount, these tools prove their value over and over. Consistent performance, unmatched durability, ease of use, and limited necessary maintenance makes these tools the tools of choice.

Easy Maintenance and Increased Time Between Maintenance

With Cleco’s patented design, maintenance time is only 2 minutes!

  • Adjustable pulse chamber volume
  • Tool achieves full torque after preventative maintenance
  • No special tools required

Low Vibration and Noise Levels

Double chamber hydraulic units and 3-chamber motors mean extremely low vibration levels are achieved. This aids in prevention of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs).

Noise levels of these tools are well below standard air tools for an operator-friendly environment. There is no loud metallic hammering under load.

Broad Tool Selection

With a variety of shut-off and nonshut-off pulse tools to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right Cleco pulse tool for the job.

H Series PTH Pulse Nutrunners

H Series PTH

Pistol Grip - Shut-Off - Reversible

C Series PTHC and PTHFC Pulse Nutrunners


Pistol Grip - Reversible

C Series STHFC and STHF Pulse Nutrunners


Inline - Reversible

H Series PH Non-Shut-Off Pulse Nutrunners

H Series PH Non-Shut-Off

Pistol Grip - Reversible