Cleco Swingbar Nutrunners

Photo showing a Cleco swingbar nutrunner driving a fastener while its swingbar is braced to absorb the reaction torque.

Smaller, Faster, and Lighter

For high torque applications where a small tool is necessary, for consistency in clamp load across joint types or for simply eliminating the maintenance needs of an angle tool, Cleco Swingbar Nutrunners provide the best solution for today’s heavy assembly environment.

Benefits of a Swingbar Tool

A swingbar tool includes a reaction bar that freely swings 360°. This allows the reaction bar to be moved to an appropriate bracing point without any disassembly or repositioning of a spline. Once positioned, the reaction bar absorbs the reaction forces of the tool.


Output torque from a stall tool is achieved by adjusting the air pressure to the tool. If the tool is moved from location to location or if other tools requiring full line pressure use the same air line, the tool will require a dedicated air pressure regulator. The Cleco Selectork feature in the 64 Series tools is a small pressure regulator that takes the place of the standard air inlet bushing and eliminates the need to have a separate pressure regulator installed in the plant floor system. Because of the small size of the Selectork, there is a limited pressure adjustment range from 60 to 90 psi.

45 Series Swingbar Nutrunners

45 Series

Inline - Reversible

55 Series Swingbar Nutrunners

55 Series

Inline - Reversible

64 Series Swingbar Nutrunners

64 Series

Pistol Grip - Selectork Option