Cleco Impact Wrenches

Photo of a Cleco impact wrench hard at work.

Exclusive Through-bolt Construction Reduces Replacement Costs

Steel front/motor housing/handle are clamped together by four high-strength steel bolts. This exclusive feature provides better tool performance and eliminates stripped threads and loose inserts in motor housing.

Positive Oil-foam Lubrication System Reduces Major Cause of Impact Wrench Maintenance

Cleco Impact Wrenches feature a unique oil-foam bath that provides positive lubrication for the hammer, anvil and other working parts.

The system is designed so that if the impact mechanism runs low on oil, the tool will stop running which eliminates one of the major causes of impact wrench failure: lubrication. By simply refilling the oil reservoir, the tool can be returned to service.

Patented Heavy Duty Telescoping Impact Mechanism

The smooth-hitting Cleco telescopic impact mechanism is patented and has only three major parts: hammer, anvil, and rotor. These combine to provide power directly to the fastener. The hammer is splined ot the inside of the motor, which then impacts directly on the anvil and delivers more power per blow while also reducing weight and shock to the operator.

Patented Positive Lock Socket Retainer

With a variety of shut-off and nonshut-off pulse tools to choose from you're sure to find just the right Cleco pulse tool for the job.

WL Series Impact Wrenches

WL Series

Inline - Lever Start

WP Series Impact Wrenches

WP Series

Pistol Grip - Trigger Start

WT Series Impact Wrenches

WT Series

Spade Handle - Trigger Start

CWC Series Impact Wrenches

CWC Series

One-Hand Push Button Forward/Reverse

CWM Series Impact Wrenches

CWM Series

All-Metal Construction for Heavy Duty Applications

CV Series Impact Wrenches

CV Series

High Torque, Low Weight, Unbeatable Value