Cleco Ratchet Wrenches

Close-up photo of a Cleco ratchet wrench securing a fastener.

The Correct Torque to Get the Job Done Precisely

Cleco 24 and 34 series Ratchet Wrenches are available in sizes up to 50 Ft.Lbs. while the H16, H30, 41 and 60 series are available up to 306 Ft.Lbs. Several sizes of side plate widths and thicknesses are available to provide a wide range of torques without sacrificing size or durability.

Full Range of Sockets

Limited access applications come in in all different shapes and sizes. A full offering of hex sockets, extended sockets, and power socket adapters in both inch and millimeter sizes insure you will be able to get to a variety of applications which were previously impossible to reach.

Improved Motor For Better Performance

Innovative low inertia motor design provides more usable power in a smaller package size. The end result is a more ergonomic handle for a more productive tool. The same successful motor is used on Cleco flush socket, crowfoot, hold-and-drive, and standard Clecomatic clutch shut-off nutrunners.

24 Series Ratchet Wrenches

24 Series

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34 Series Ratchet Wrenches

34 Series

Stall Type